Black Fly Scullers
1382 Fellows Road
Danville, Vermont 05828
Phone : (802) 745-7207
Fax : (802)748-4323
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You may also print and use the PDF forms below...
Black Fly Scullers Volunteer Form (PDF)

Thank you for your interest in joining the growing swarm of Black Fly Scullers Volunteers. Please review the list below to learn about the many exciting and life-changing possibilities. Then fill out the form at the bottom and e-mail it to me.

1. Regatta day: The day starts early. So if you are not an early riser - shame on you!!! Volunteers must report to the venue adequately nourished and caffeinated at 7 a.m. sharp. The day ends around 1 p.m. Except for the Registration and Finish Line Crew no prior experience is necessary. Just a good sense of humor and a spirit for adventure. Bring suitable clothes (you will be outside all day), bug dope, and sun screen. Further instruction on your duties will be given beforehand.

A. Registration
B. T-shirt sales and orders
C. Raffle ticket sales
D. "Sam 'n Ella's Scullers' Breakfast"
E. Site set-up: tent, griddle, tables, clean-up before (the day before) and after
F. Road signs -set up the day before
G. Security -watch the boats the from noon the day before and/or overnight
H. Finish line crew: 4 people total: two to note bow numbers, two to note times - must have steely nerves and sharp eyes.
I. Motorboat/pontoon boats - to set buoys, starting line, warm-up area, finish line, safety personnel, media, and spectators
J. Speaking of media: press liaison
K. Hospitality/general information
L. Photography - we welcome pros and hobbyists alike to send images to include in our archives/photo gallery
M. A blimp for aerial photography of the mass start - C'mon Met Life!!

(Phew! I can't believe I do all this. Now I know how Santa Claus feels.)

2. Pick-up trucks/drivers:

Would you, could you, drive a pick-up truck to help deliver the tent, griddle, supplies? Or let me borrow yours? I could really use one from Thursday through Saturday (my rickshaw driver is getting tired). Would you consider driving spectators from the launch site to points along the river which provide excellent views of the mayhem?

3. Administrative

This is more year-round stuff; but very important
A. Bookkeeping
B. Accounting
C. Legal
D. Engineering - to hobnob about the boathouse site
E. Architectural - see Engineering
F. Would you like to serve on the Black Fly Parliament (see Constitution) - you can think of it as a Board of Directors (how prosaic). All members of the Black Fly Parliament must be members of the Black Fly Scullers which is another way of saying that you had better be damn well interested in the development and maintenance of a community sculling boathouse. No posers please.

4. Sculling

Hey, that's what we're here for! If you have an interest an aptitude for teaching sculling at any level please let me know. See comments above re: Black Fly Parliament.

Ok, so now you figure there's gotta be some way you can help. So, please fill out the form below and e-mail to me. Thanks!

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Black Fly Scullers * 1382 Fellows Road * Danville, Vermont 05828
* Phone:(802) 745-7207 * Fax:(802)748-4323
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