Black Fly Scullers
1382 Fellows Road
Danville, Vermont 05828
Phone : (802)745-7207
Fax : (802)748-4323
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Becoming a Black Fly Sculler is easy, fun, and irrevocable.

Fill out our Membership Form, send lots of money, consent to a background check that makes the Office of Homeland Security look like a Shriner's Convention, and you're in!

Well, sort of . . .

We want you to express yourself, too. So, invoke the muse, submit a lyrical entry to our Poet Laureate Contest, and perhaps you will attain true and everlasting glory. (Everyone remembers Sophocles but how many people talk about Pheidippides over coffee and donuts?)

Are there any rules? Just one of consequence: Unsportsmanlike conduct will result in denial of Port-a-Potty privileges. Click here for details about just exactly how it is we get seventy-plus scullers to start all at once without killing themselves. (Hint: think entropy.)

Oh, we don't want you to get lost. So here's directions.

Morde Me!

- The Black Fly
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